Christian Bayerlein

I am a web developer and activist currently living in Koblenz, Germany. I'm a nerd, loving Science and Science Fiction - especially Star Trek. I travel a lot, seeing the world is one of my big passions. I love to hang out with friends and go to the cinema as well as enjoying arts and culture.

I'm a wheeler with SMA and because of my disability, I need help around the clock. I organize my assistance in the employer model, meaning that I run a small business to employ my staff. At the moment I have 9 assistants.

As a political activist, I fight for the rights of disabled people, e.g. for better accessibility or the right to live in the community. I have a big interest in technology and accessibility and give talks on the topic and participate in several projects focussing on empowerment.

The other big topic, I'd like to push forward is disability and sexuality. I run a blog on the topic, called "Kissability" . I also give talks on the topic and participate in several cultural projects focussing on positive views on (disabled) bodies and empowerment. One of the more known projects, I participated in was the film "Touch Me Not" by the romanian director Adina Pintilie. The film focusses on sexuality and intimicy. It was awarded with the Golden Bear in 2018.

Christian Bayerlein
Löhrstraße 107
56068 Koblenz, Germany